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Removing Lines and Creases from Vinyl

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Preserving your chair vinyl is an important part of keeping your chairs and salon looking new, clean and fresh.  Chair vinyl, like any other vinyl, can be bent several different ways, folded and molded to what you're using it for.  While the vinyl takes to all of the folds and molds you need it for, it may also show some unintended creases and lines when something heavy is placed on, or in, it.  We had this happen in our showroom.  We stacked several product catalogs on the seat cushion of a styling chair as we were going through and reorganizing them.  After leaving them there overnight and restarting the project the next morning to clear them off the chair and back where they needed to go, we were left with creases and indents in the seat cushion from the stack of catalogs.  Bummer.  Fortunately, there are ways to get it out.  One is you can use a blow dryer to warm the vinyl, which helps stretch the vinyl and soften it.  You don't want to touch the end of the blow dryer to the vinyl, but just hover over the vinyl and get it warm-to-hot enough to still touch.  You may not get it out the first time, but you can repeat the process a couple times a day or once a day as you see fit.  Two is the normal usage of it.  When clients sit in the chair, their body warmth and heat over the time of the service being done will help stretch and shape the vinyl.  Another way is, if the chair is easily movable and not being used, you can move it outside on a warm, sunny day and the warmth of the sun can naturally work on the creases and lines.  Again, any or all of these processes may need to be done multiple times, but the fact of the matter is that most, if not all, creases come out if given time and appropriate attention.  If all else fails, call one of our support reps here and we can begin the process of helping you replace cushions, which will be more economical for you than buying a whole new chair. 

Get the Most Out of Your Hydraulic Pump

If you're a salon owner or chair operator, you know your chair is your money maker.  It's gotta look good and it's gotta work properly.  Taking it a step further, the hydraulic pump is the heartbeat to your chair.  If it doesn't go up or come down, it might as well be dead.  These days, [...]

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White: Is the look worth the headache?

You want the look of your salon or spa to be inviting, relaxing, and a place where clients want to make it their "home base" for their beauty needs.  One of the most important aspects to consider is the color schemes you want in your equipment.  Lighter colors and darker colors have their pros and cons.  [...]

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Custom Items

We've all been there.  We see something we really like, but would LOVE it even more if you could do this, this, and this to it.  Well, when it comes to salon, spa, barber and other beauty equipment, we can make it happen for you!  We encourage creativity and vision for the look you are [...]

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Adding Equipment to Your Existing Equipment

Adding salon, spa, barber or other beauty equipment to your already-existing equipment and business can sometimes be a challenge.  The company where you originally bought your equipment may have closed or gone out of business.  Maybe the source no longer has records, or the records were inaccurately detailed or labeled causing a problem when re-ordering [...]

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Retail Products

The beauty industry continues to grow and develop at a rapid pace as more and more people take better care in the way they look.  With that, the evolution of new retail products seems to be skyrocketing due to the fact of people looking to try new things and gain an edge.  Retailers are looking [...]

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Salon, Spa, and Barber Layouts and Designs

Layouts and designs are one of the most crucial steps to getting any business started in the right direction.  The hair and beauty industry is no exception.  Finding someone qualified to handle this can be "hit or miss," and very expensive.  It can also be very costly if it results in re-making certain pieces that [...]

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American made vs Import

By now, many are aware of American made goods and imported goods.  The challenge is making sure you're getting the most out of your investment by stretching your dollar as far as you can.  Going through website after website and catalog after catalog can be a time consuming task.  Most pictures depict "the best side" [...]

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