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Product Spotlight : Collins 7710 Access All Purpose Hydraulic Chair with Round Base

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While our company name is SalonEquipment.Com, we do not limit ourselves to only specific segments within the industry.  Take, for example, retirement communities and assisted living facilities.  As this segment of the population grows, so, too, do the needs of accommodating them with proper and adequate care.  As a result, small salons are being constructed within retirement communities and assisted living facilities.  Enter the versatile, Collins 7710 Access All Purpose Hydraulic Chair with Round Base.  Two features on this unique chair set it apart from anything out in the market today.  1) the patented footrest is split into two, and has the ability to be rotated in during client's service and out for easy entry and exit in and out of the chair.  2) the armrest of the chair is removable to allow side access for the client.  The lever control recline mechanism allows for smooth transition from upright to laying back for shampoo services.  Of course, this chair is not just for retirement communities and assisted living facilities.  We've had a lot of feedback over the years about the standard, u-shaped tubular footrest as well as the t-bar footrest, and how clients will use these footrest styles as a step to get in and out of the chair, often causing the chair to tip.  Footrests that swivel and rotate in and out can give any salon owner and stylist peace of mind as clients enter and exit their chairs.  Also, make the chair even more versatile by adding a headrest to provide makeup, waxing, or facial services.  

Custom Items

We've all been there.  We see something we really like, but would LOVE it even more if you could do this, this, and this to it.  Well, when it comes to salon, spa, barber and other beauty equipment, we can make it happen for you!  We encourage creativity and vision for the look you are [...]

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Adding Equipment to Your Existing Equipment

Adding salon, spa, barber or other beauty equipment to your already-existing equipment and business can sometimes be a challenge.  The company where you originally bought your equipment may have closed or gone out of business.  Maybe the source no longer has records, or the records were inaccurately detailed or labeled causing a problem when re-ordering [...]

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Shampoo Bowls

In our previous blog the other day, we talked about shampoo bowl parts and the necessary steps to take to ensure replacements are ordered accurately.  While we touched briefly on the different types and materials our shampoo bowls are made of, I thought it'd be a good idea to expand that thought into more detail.  [...]

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Shampoo Bowl Parts

If it seems like there are thousands of different shampoo bowls out in the market, you're correct!  Acrylic, mold-injected plastic, porcelain, fiberglass - all contributing towards varying degrees of price, quality and sustainability over time by several different manufacturers and brands.  But what about those parts?  Are they interchangeable?  Can they be replaced without replacing [...]

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Retail Products

The beauty industry continues to grow and develop at a rapid pace as more and more people take better care in the way they look.  With that, the evolution of new retail products seems to be skyrocketing due to the fact of people looking to try new things and gain an edge.  Retailers are looking [...]

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Salon, Spa, and Barber Layouts and Designs

Layouts and designs are one of the most crucial steps to getting any business started in the right direction.  The hair and beauty industry is no exception.  Finding someone qualified to handle this can be "hit or miss," and very expensive.  It can also be very costly if it results in re-making certain pieces that [...]

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American made vs Import

By now, many are aware of American made goods and imported goods.  The challenge is making sure you're getting the most out of your investment by stretching your dollar as far as you can.  Going through website after website and catalog after catalog can be a time consuming task.  Most pictures depict "the best side" [...]

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The Hottest Hair Color Of The Moment Is...Gray

A couple of weeks ago, we posted on our Instagram page an article by the Wall Street Journal about the hot new trend of coloring hair gray.  I can tell you that after being at the ISSE show in Long Beach, CA, this past weekend, this trend is hot, hot, hot!  Hearing people talk about [...]

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Shipping can be such a hassle, right?  "Will the driver show up when he's supposed to?"  "Will my goods arrive with no damage?"  "How come the driver won't bring my goods inside?"  SalonEquipment.Com can set you up in taking that hassle and guesswork out of it, making it a less stressful experience.  Standard shipping and [...]

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