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Why remodel?
There are many good and valid reasons why a salon should periodically remodel not only the decor, but the salon equipment as well.
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  • A Salon's Image is Important. Remodeling tells clients that you realize your image is important to them. But, more importantly, a sharp looking salon gives you credibility when you tell them how important appearance is to their image.
  • Remodeling Improves Morale. It improves your clients' morale because they feel better about themselves just getting a great look from an up-to-date salon. But, if your salon decor is outdated, it may give clients the impression your styling/cutting techniques are also. Remodeling also improves employee morale. A great looking salon not only helps retain staff and lowers turnover, it makes it easier to recruit new stylists.
  • Remodeling Increases Business. A general rule-of-thumb is that business will increase by 20% in the first year after remodeling. And, there are tax advantages. If your old salon equipment is fully depreciated, you may end up having less deductions and paying more taxes. Buying or leasing new equipment gives you new tax deductions (see leasing section). When you combine the increased business with tax advantages, remodeling may cost less than you think.
  • When Should You Remodel? Color and fashion trends change approximately every three to five years. To keep in step, salons should follow this same time frame. From a pure business point-of-view, you should remodel when there's a definite downswing in business or when new customers are not being generated. And don't just think of remodeling as painting or wallpapering. You need to keep your salon equipment up-to-date, too. The many technological improvements constantly being made on today's sleek, new equipment not only greatly improves a salon's image, but the productivity of its employees as well.
  • Who Can Help Remodel? By following the tips in the web site, you can do a great deal of the remodeling planning, designing and coordinating yourself. However, if you're planning structural redesign, it may pay to have professional assistance from an architect or interior designer. The professionals at Salon Equipment International are seasoned professionals who are also glad to assist you in your salon equipment remodeling.

Planning Your Remodeling,
Evaluating Your Present Space ...
Before you begin to draw up plans or talk to someone about remodeling, there are some things you will want to jot down that will be important in what can be done to your salon. Are you satisfied in your present building and space? If yes, is it worth the investment of remodeling? When does your current lease expire? What can be done to the physical surroundings? Can plumbing be moved easily? Can electrical? Which walls can be torn down? Where can new walls be built? Are there remodeling restrictions in your current lease?

  • Things to Consider About Remodeling Are you going to remain open? Or will you close during al or part of remodeling? This is a key questions that can seriously affect your business. If you plan to remain open, you need to have the areas being worked on partitioned off from the areas still being used. You will need to put up some signs that say you're remodeling and ask for their patience and understanding.
  • Reception Area. This area is where clients receive their first impression of your salon. Make sure it presents a good image. Carpeting reception area presents a better image. Reception seating should equal one third of the number of styling chairs. If you have or are considering a computer, there needs to be space on the desk to accommodate it. 25% of salon profits should come from retail sales. Give careful consideration to expanding or including retail area in the reception area. Utilize window space to display retain products so they can be seen through salon windows. Retail products should be displayed so they can be seen, felt and touched by clients.
  • Shampoo Area. In a large salon, the shampoo area should be centrally located to save steps and make the operator/shampoo people more efficient and productive. Consider client/operator comfort in backwash and Siesta shampoo chair. Ideally, there should be 1 bowl for every 3 stylists. You would have to use your kitchen sink for 70 years to equal one year's wear of a salon shampoo bowl. Cast iron bowls can be re-enameled. Check local plumbing codes to see if a vacuum breaker is needed before ordering new bowls.
  • Styling Area. If you plan to use a minimum of floor space, consider wall vanities. Mirrors can add dimension to a small space. Consider smoked mirrors for a more dramatic look. Normally, mirrors should be at least as tall as the stylist to stimulate open communications. Select neutral colors for furniture, use bright colors for accents (accessories). Use a shelf with a rollabout at the work station if you want a clean, European look. When planning your styling stations, make sure they include outlets for small appliances and areas for wastebaskets to avoid a cluttered look. Tile floors are best in the styling areas. Increase retail sales by including retail displays in the styling stations.
  • Drying/Chemical Area. Today's demand for hair coloring has increased dramatically over the past. Plan extra space for chemical applications and/or dryers. Consider having a separate chemical area for privacy. Also consider fully enclosing it with proper ventilation to control odors and fumes. Now that your have a basic overview of what could be done to your salon, you'll need to fill out the checklist. If you don't know or can't easily find out the answers yourself, seek the assistance of your landlord or a maintenance person.
  • Things to Remember Remodeling is a very chaotic interruption in a salon's business. As the remodeling progresses, things get put away or forgotten, especially if you close. So, when remodeling is nearly completed, the list below will help you get organized quickly and easily.

Don't Forget to Check:

  • Your salon meets all city and state codes.
  • That you have outside door mats.
  • All supplies will be delivered on time.
  • To have magazines for your customers.
  • Towels for shampoo area.
  • Laundry supplies.
  • Vacuum or floor supplies.
  • Ash trays or "No Smoking" signs.
  • Waste basket, arraignments for trash removal.
  • Outside sign.
  • Brooms, mops, glass cleaner, etc.
  • Vending machines.
  • Paper towel dispenser for restrooms.
  • First aid kit.
  • Cash register.
  • Appointment cards and book.
  • Stamp pad and "Deposit Only" stamp.
  • Stationary, envelopes, stamps.
  • File and file folders.
  • Pencil, pens, stapler.
  • Customer sales tickets, service record files.
  • Charge plate machine.
  • Bookkeeping record books, etc.
  • Price list of services.
  • Retail products.
  • Salon intercom.
  • Fire extinguishers.
  • To plan a grand opening.
  • Grand opening advertising.
  • Ongoing employee training.
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